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Tudor Homework - June & July 2023

I know you've all missed having weekly homework, so here's a treat for you all! This homework is in a different format to what you are used to. It's all about the Tudors: you can choose the tasks you complete!

There are twelve tasks, which are all about life and times in the Tudor period. Select the one that you would like to do, and spend the week working on it. When it is complete, bring it into school to share. Your parents can email any photos to the school email address too. If you need any help, please speak to your teacher.

Here are the challenges - there is a pdf version of the challenge below the image.

Homework challenge
Download PDF • 434KB

Important note for parents & guardians:

Due to the historical periods being studied, it is advisable to exercise caution when completing research. Lessons in school will be carefully designed to ensure they are appropriate for the children’s age and maturity. However, independent research

could lead the children to upsetting content. For this reason, it is important that children use a child-friendly search engine such as & include tags such as ‘KS2’ and ‘primary’ if searching on YouTube or Google.

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