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Homework Due in Friday 28th April 2023

Hi everyone - here's this week's homework. Please feel free to complete any of the remaining statistics pages if you have time. Because I have given so much maths, I have not given a reading comprehension. Instead, you should continue to read your school reading book, and complete your reading record daily.

Maths - higher score:

  • Bar Charts - page 55

  • Pie Charts - page 56

  • Line Graphs - page 57

  • Averages - page 58

Maths - expected standard:

  • Pictograms - page 52

  • Bar Charts - page 53

  • Pie Charts - page 54

  • Averages - page 56

Need help? This BBC Bitesize page has lots of information on statistics and different types of mathematical chart.

Grammar Spelling and Punctuation

Both books - please complete the next two pages of the orange spelling section.

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