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Homework - due 9th March 2023

Hello everyone. Here's this week's homework. As always the maths and GPS homework is in the workbooks. Reading and spelling are on a separate sheet. Please bring your homework into school on Thursday 9th March.

Maths Expected Standard - page 29 and at least 15 minutes of Times Table RockStars. (All children have had their log in several times this year.)

Maths Higher Standard - page 27 & 28.

Grammar, punctuation & spelling (both versions) = page 22 & 23.

IMPORTANT - If you need any help, please ask an adult in school or have a look at the following links.

This Maths Mansion video explains KS2 ratio & proportion clearly.

This video explains what the subjunctive verb form is and when is might be used.

This BBC Bitesize page will recap what you have learned about standard and informal English.

This BBC Bitesize page will recap what we have learned about subject and verb agreement.

This short video recaps simple past, present and future tense.

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