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Easter Holiday Homework :)

Hello everyone - here is this week's homework.

Please note that there has been a change to the usual spellings, I have given each child a copy of the year 5/6 spelling list, and a selection of activities, which can be used to learn the words. Please work through these spellings using your preferred activity.

Maths ES - pages 47, 48, 49 & 50 - Coordinates, Translations, Reflections & Reflective Symmetry

Maths HS - pages 46, 47, 48, 49 & 50 - - Coordinates, Translations, Reflections

Grammar ES - pages 24, 32 & 35 - Progressive & perfect tenses, inverted commas,

Grammar HS - pages 26 & 29 & 22 - inverted commas & colons etc

Need help? These links have detailed explanations.

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