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A Letter of hope to a stranger. What would you say to a stranger to spread hope and joy?

The Lowry Theatre, which is located in Salford's Media City, have set up a great creative writing activity - called A Letter of Hope to a Stranger. If you are interested in taking part, read the guidelines below. As always, you must ask for an adult's permission before you take part.

A Letter of hope to a stranger. What would you say to a stranger to give hope and joy for the future? By taking part in this mass creative writing activity hundreds of people will send letters of hope & joy to a stranger.

Now more than ever it is important that we cultivate an attitude of hope, it can make a huge difference to how we respond to challenges - it motivates us to get out of bed and to live our lives.

What makes you smile? If it makes you smile, chances are it will make someone else smile too. Through this activity you can send a letter that will bring joy, laughter and hope to a stranger.

Follow the guidelines below. Once you’ve written your letter, send it to If it’s handwritten, simply take a photo of it and send it to us by email.

Creative writing prompts

• Find a quiet place to write your letter.

• Take a deep breath and plant your feet on the ground.

• Take a moment to listen carefully to the sounds around you.

• Notice your heartbeat.

• What makes you smile?

• Is there an object, a space or a room in your house which brings you joy? Can you describe it?

• Can you remember a time when you felt full of joy and hope; if so can you describe that moment? How did it feel? What colour is it?

• Can you recount a memory that fills you with joy? Can you describe the memory, what are the smells, sounds and colours of the memory?

• What would you say to a stranger to give them comfort and hope for the future?

• Add anything you like to the letter, illustrations, notes, poems or words to fill it with positivity • Sign the letter off at the end.

• Send it to us.

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