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Homework - The Wars of the Roses - Due 28th June 2019.

Hello Y6.

The curators of Ordsall Hall have realised that there isn't enough information on The Wars of the Roses in the museum. Sir John Radcliffe would have donned his heavy armour and ridden off to fight in these battles, so it's imperative that some information about the Wars is included in the museum's catalogue.

Your challenge is to research the Wars of the Roses, and present the information you find in a clear and concise way. Your finished project will be used for teaching other children, so ensure it is aesthetically appealing, has accurate information, and explains the wars fully.

You should consider:

- Who was involved?

- When did the wars occur?

- Were there any significant battles?

- What happened during the wars?

- Where were the battles fought?

- Why did the Wars of the Roses start?

- Who was victorious?

How you present your information is up to you. Feel free to be as creative as you like. If you need any help, ask your teacher.

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