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Homework - Due in 2nd March 2023

Hello, sorry for the delay in getting this up. The host company wouldn't let me edit the site. Al resolved now. If you cannot complete...

FDP Games 7.2.23

Hi boys and girls. Here are the FDP games, I would like you to play today. Be prepared to explain what you did and how you worked out...

Homework - 2nd February 2023

Grammar (both books) 10, 11. 12, 13 Maths (Expected Standard) 16, 19, 20 Maths (Higher Standard) 9, 10, 11, 12, If you need any help -...

Fractions Games - 23.1.23

Game one - adding fractions - link Game two - adding fractions - link Game three - multiplying fractions - link Game four - fraction...

Cameroon Info

Here are some web pages that will help you to complete your Cameroon booklet. Ensure that your booklet has information about the...

Ibn al-Haytham

Who is Alhazen? Alhazen, whose real name was Hasan lbn al-Haytham was a scientist, mathematician and astronomer who lived back in 965 AD....

EFS Audit Link

Click here to be taken to the survey.

Thursday 14th July

End of year six questionnaire link: Equality and Diversity questionnaire link:


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